Mariano Tester Alonso belongs to the artist collective Rundontwalk, together with stencil artist Fede Minuchin. A self-taught and collectively trained artist, his career began in the late 1990’s, developing within the local music scene before taking to the streets, and finally moving indoors to art galleries around the world.

Tester’s compositions are a riot of abstract and popular phrases, stamps and lettersets combined with hand-drawn forms. Heavily influenced by the DIY attitude of the Buenos Aires punk rock scene, Tester creates elaborate works using analogue processes and a range of materials including aerosol, ink and acrylic paint.

In 2006 he was one of a group of 6 street artists to launch Hollywood in Cambodia, an artist-run street art gallery in Buenos Aires. In 2014 he helped create Club Albarellos, an art studio and gallery en El Tigre, Buenos Aires. He has painted in festivals and exhibited in galleries around the world including the London Newcastle Project Space, Palais de Glace (Buenos Aires) and Choque Cultural (Sao Paulo) among others.

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