Tester – Bruma a Todo Color

UNION presents ‘Bruma, a Todo Color’, a solo exhibition by Tester.

Tester’s work crosses the line between the figurative and the abstract. The fear of emptiness and emptiness itself coexist in compositions created around abstract and popular phrases, stamps and lettersets combined with hand-drawn forms.

Heavily influenced by the DIY attitude of the local punk rock scene, Tester creates elaborate works using analogue techniques, and incorporates spray-paint, ink and acrylic paint into works which suggest an ordered form of chaos. ‘Bruma a Todo Color’ brings together 20 works on canvas and wood, from small to large format.

‘Bruma, a Todo Color’ obscures in order to reveal, taking us away from the familiar and directing us to the wanderings of our own imagination. The interpretation of Tester’s work is a continuous process, and the search for meaning within the chaos of his paintings completes the work whilst ensuring an enduring appreciation.

Click here to download the exhibition catalogue.