‘Asimetricos’ – a new collaborative art exhibition from Argentine urban artists Nasa and Cabaio at UNION

‘ASIMETRICOS’ is a new collaborative art exhibition from Argentine artists Nasa and Cabaio at UNION. The exhibition┬ápresents a meeting of styles, techniques and ideas between these two diverse artists.

Urban art is characterized by a uniquely collaborative spirit often absent from more traditional artistic genres. In the public realm, a shared experience is frequently the genesis of an artwork; whether it be graffiti, muralism, or intervention. In this context, cooperation and synergy are prized over questions of competition or exclusivity, as the artists employ improvisation and creative exchange in their search for a point of connection deeper than mere aesthetics.

Nasa and Cabaio come together in ASIMETRICOS to celebrate in a different context the spirit of these dynamic encounters which are so common in the public realm. In this exhibition, each artist arrives at asymmetry by departing from a shared point of balance; in the treatment of positive and negative space and in the juxtaposition of opposites. The artists’ individual and collaborative works give rise to a unique and inimitable exhibition, which cultivates an interdisciplinary dialogue.

Click here to download the exhibition catalogue. For more work from the artists go to their dedicated artist page – Cabaio and Nasa.