Mart began painting in the streets of Buenos Aires at the tender age of 12, joining older graffiti writers to participate in the first wave of New York influenced graffiti to hit Argentina in the 1990’s. Working with these early writers, Mart became one of the first graffiteros to paint entire trains, introducing this form of art to Buenos Aires.

Over the years Mart’s style evolved beyond graffiti writing and he became a self-taught muralist. His public works are predominantly figurative, and often appear to be whimsical in nature. Mart uses fine, loose lines of freehand spray and vibrant swaths of latex paint to elaborate playful works where eccentric stylized characters are the protagonists of fantasy scenarios.

In recent years Mart has created murals and participated in exhibits across Latin America, Europe and the United States, including at the Galerie Issue (Paris), Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin) and the London Newcastle Project Space.

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