Galeria UNION presents Georgina Ciotti – Alquimia

Galeria UNION presents ALQUIMIA – the first solo show from Argentine artist Georgina Ciotti.

In this exhibition, Georgina Ciotti contemplates the dichotomy of human nature and animal instinct in a striking collection of original artworks.

In these artworks, human figures twist and merge with the SaĆ­ and Ocelote, animals indigenous to Misiones, Argentina. The artist creates a striking contrast between the pictorial elements in a palette of bold cobalt and the symbolism of delicate gold leaf, which floats over the coal-tinged black background.

Alchemy is taken as the central concept, in paintings which bring together diverse instances of co-existence and conversion – animal and human, plane and volume, balance and instability, the earthly and the divine – which are explored through the lenses of neuroscience, spirituality and memory. Alchemy becomes a metaphor for a transformative process.

We are very proud to be showcases the work of Georgina Ciotti at Galeria UNION as her first solo show. This talented artist has been working in mural art and contemporary art for many years. Previously Georgina worked in Barcelona, creating 3 D special effects for cinema in films such as Pans’s Labyrinth. You can read more about the artist here.

Click here to view and download the exhibition catalogue.