Defi Gagliardo is a founding member of FASE, a multidisciplinary art, design and music collective, formed together with Tec and Pedro in 2000. Together with the DOMA art collective, Defi and FASE were the driving creative force behind a graphic design influenced form of street art, which stood out for its use of latex paint, bright colours, friendly characters and overwhelming positivity. The movement was hugely influential in defining the aesthetics and philosophy of early urban art in Buenos Aires in the years following the 2001 Argentine economic crash.

Defi’s work is characterized by the use of bold explosions of color in compositions varying from the abstract to the figurative. His artwork celebrates spontaneous experimentation and the innocent anarchy of adolescence in works that often feature his childhood pets as protagonists.

Expanding far beyond the streets, Defi works in digital media, sculpture and music, and has his own clothing line, Lindo Killer. With an established international profile, Defi has exhibited around the world, in the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Galería Pasto (Barcelona), Choque Cultural (San Pablo), Artscape (Los Angeles), and Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin) among others.

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