Julian Manzelli aka Chu Doma is a founding member of the DOMA art collective, a multidisciplinary and experimental art group, and one of the early pioneers of street art in Buenos Aires. Influenced by skateboarding culture, travel and biology in his youth, he graduated as graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and went on to become an artist, designer and animation director.

Following the Argentine economic crisis of 2001, he was an integral participant in an artistic movement that saw a shift in the visual language of the city. Where previously there had been political propaganda and the conflicting voices of advertising and activism, a more playful, colourful aesthetic began to appear in the public realm, spearheaded by Chu, DOMA, and their graphic design contemporaries.

Chu’s style is characterized by the creation of abstract geometric universes that translate science concepts into formal compositions in paintings, objects and magnetic sculptures.  His current work centers around contemporary urban art, with work that ranges from wildly expressive street art to obsessive and precise studio works.  

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