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Mural artwork by Ever for Facebook

In 2014 Facebook opened their first office in Buenos Aires.

The client loved the vibrant colours and strong imagery of Ever’s artwork. We worked with Ever to develop a creative proposal, and produced a series of vibrant murals throughout the interior space of their new premises.

Mural artwork by Ever for Young & Rubicam

In 2013 we worked Young & Rubicam, who were looking for artists from across the world to create murals for their new office space in New York.

The Argentine artist Ever was selected to join Maya Hayuk and Shantell Martin in transforming the interior space of the new premises.

Mural artwork by Jaz for Graffigna Wines

Graffigna wines contacted graffitimundo whilst exploring ways to launch their wine in Canada. We worked closely with their appointed PR agency Lexis PR to create a program of activities around the launch, harnessing the talents of Buenos Aires artist Jaz to mark the launch of the wine.

As part of the program of activities, Jaz created an extraordinary Graffigna-inspired mural in downtown Toronto and later exhibited a number of his paintings at the official launch parties held in various Canadian cities.

The extensive PR generated through the launch helped Graffigna break through the clutter of more traditional competitor advertising, and the arresting power of Argentine street art announced their arrival into the Canadian market in truly spectacular style.

Cabaio – “Butterflies”

This piece by Cabaio Stencil was commissioned by a couple from Oregon, who came on our street art tour, and fell in love with the intricate collage of stencils covering the walls of Tegui.

They chose the image of the snake charmer to be the central piece in the foreground, then Cabaio used his signature techniques to create rich textures and colours through intricate overlapping layers.

Nerf – “CYMK”

Nerf’s iconic 3D cubes can be found on walls throughout Buenos Aires. Painted freehand using aerosol, Nerf’s cubes are a testament to his remarkable talent as both a graffiti writer and artist.
This piece was commissioned by a graphic designer, who fell in love with Nerf’s cubes and commissioned a custom artwork featuring cubes created using base CYMK colours.

Jaz – “Burro”

This piece was commissioned for a birthday present, for an Australian couple who came on the tour earlier in the year.

They were particularly taken by the striking images of horses and donkeys that Jaz had painted around Palermo, during his artistic exploration of Argentine iconography.

The finished piece incorporates one Jaz’s Argentine icons, with a touch of the surreal.