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HIC Crüe

HIC Crüe is the stencil collective behind the legendary street art gallery Hollywood in Cambodia. The group is composed of BsAsStencil, Malatesta, Run Don’t Walk, Stencil Land and, up until recently, Tester Mariano

The collective was founded in October 2006 when the artists were commissioned to paint Post Bar, a trendy watering hole in the heart of Palermo Soho.  The artists were given total creative freedom to design floor-to-ceiling murals throughout the bar, and in exchange for their work they were offered the use of half of the bar for their own personal project.  Thus, Hollywood in Cambodia was born, becoming the first street art gallery in Buenos Aires run by its very own artists: the HIC Crüe.

What took shape through this unique indoor collaboration had originated in the streets where the artists had long been familiar with one another’s work. For years prior, they had come across each other’s stencilled images and taken to adding their own to the same spaces in what became dynamic collaborative murals. They engaged in a kind of dialogue with one another through the city walls. There, none of the artists signed their contributions; all shared a fundamental belief in the importance of the collective and understood their role in service of a larger design. These were the roots of HIC Crüe and, to this day, when asked who their artwork is by, their answer is always “it was all of us”.

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Once a student of fine arts and graphic design, Ice’s murals were initially influenced by hip-hop style graffiti. In the 1990’s when letter based graffiti first began to hit the streets in Buenos Aires, he developed a penchant for aerosol while remaining independent from the crews that began to form as part of the movement.

Inspired by the breadth of possibilities offered by muralism, Ice’s artwork has gravitated towards a wide range of figurative subjects. With flawless technique, Ice uses latex paint and aerosol to conjure up portraits of familiar faces and whimsical landscapes, lifelike bugs and animals, and his notorious mushrooms, which have popped up throughout Buenos Aires as a signature image of the artist.

Ice has painted murals and lead workshops across Argentina as well as in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil and Peru. He has also participated in events such as Ciudad Emergente, Arte Patricios, Meeting of Styles Festivals, and Latido Americano, among others.

For more work by Ice:
Available artworks in UNION

Galeria UNION presents Georgina Ciotti – Alquimia

Galeria UNION presents ALQUIMIA – the first solo show from Argentine artist Georgina Ciotti.

In this exhibition, Georgina Ciotti contemplates the dichotomy of human nature and animal instinct in a striking collection of original artworks.

In these artworks, human figures twist and merge with the Saí and Ocelote, animals indigenous to Misiones, Argentina. The artist creates a striking contrast between the pictorial elements in a palette of bold cobalt and the symbolism of delicate gold leaf, which floats over the coal-tinged black background.

Alchemy is taken as the central concept, in paintings which bring together diverse instances of co-existence and conversion – animal and human, plane and volume, balance and instability, the earthly and the divine – which are explored through the lenses of neuroscience, spirituality and memory. Alchemy becomes a metaphor for a transformative process.

We are very proud to be showcases the work of Georgina Ciotti at Galeria UNION as her first solo show. This talented artist has been working in mural art and contemporary art for many years. Previously Georgina worked in Barcelona, creating 3 D special effects for cinema in films such as Pans’s Labyrinth. You can read more about the artist here.

Click here to view and download the exhibition catalogue.

‘Asimetricos’ – a new collaborative art exhibition from Argentine urban artists Nasa and Cabaio at UNION

‘ASIMETRICOS’ is a new collaborative art exhibition from Argentine artists Nasa and Cabaio at UNION. The exhibition presents a meeting of styles, techniques and ideas between these two diverse artists.

Urban art is characterized by a uniquely collaborative spirit often absent from more traditional artistic genres. In the public realm, a shared experience is frequently the genesis of an artwork; whether it be graffiti, muralism, or intervention. In this context, cooperation and synergy are prized over questions of competition or exclusivity, as the artists employ improvisation and creative exchange in their search for a point of connection deeper than mere aesthetics.

Nasa and Cabaio come together in ASIMETRICOS to celebrate in a different context the spirit of these dynamic encounters which are so common in the public realm. In this exhibition, each artist arrives at asymmetry by departing from a shared point of balance; in the treatment of positive and negative space and in the juxtaposition of opposites. The artists’ individual and collaborative works give rise to a unique and inimitable exhibition, which cultivates an interdisciplinary dialogue.

Click here to download the exhibition catalogue. For more work from the artists go to their dedicated artist page – Cabaio and Nasa.

Pum Pum – Galaxia

Whilst drawing is her natural habitat, Pum Pum explores illustration, graphic design, muralism and her other recent installations with the same ease and fluidity, creating a cast of characters known for their unique combination of sweetness and mischievousness.

“Galaxy”, the new exhibition by Pum Pum in UNION Gallery, celebrates the forms and ordered chaos that are naturally occurring in the creative Universe of the artist.  The show includes artworks in a variety of formats including a limited edition of silkscreen prints, collage pieces in laser-cut wood, and a mural.

The exhibition runs from November 13 – January 13, 2015.

Click here to download the exhibition catalogue.


NASA is Hernan Mariano Lombardo. His artistic formation is rooted in graphic design, architecture, skate and urban culture. NASA explores the chaos between the analog and digital worlds in murals and on canvas, clothing and objects.

NASA’s artwork is characterized by a monochromatic colour palette, high contrast, and dynamic geometric forms juxtaposed with organic shapes and enigmatic symbols. Seeking to subvert traditional methods of communication in his cryptic compositions, NASA borrows from calligraphy, ideograms, graphic design, and modern art.

NASA’s collaborations range from painting the streets with DOMA & FASE, to murals commissioned by renowned architect Clorindo Testa.

NASA is based in Buenos Aires and works as creative director, illustrator and designer.

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Prensa La Libertad

Federico Cimatti created Prensa la Libertad in 2008. Having studied graphic design, he ultimately gravitated towards the letterpress printing system used in old school typography. Highly skilled in a medium now all but extinct, Cimatti uses vintage machines and collections of moveable types and characters salvaged from defunct printing shops to create typeset works that both celebrate and reinvent traditional printing.

Fascinated by the minutia of day-to-day city life, Cimatti collects words and phrases from things seen in the streets and heard in idle conversation. These urban snapshots serve as inspiration for visually compelling works composed around the artist’s thoughtful minimalist verse.

An artist with the eye of a designer and the hand of a craftsman, Prensa la Libertad creates visually stunning works that transmit meaning through messages both cryptic and memorable.

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