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Nazza Stencil

Nazza Stencil (aka Nazza Plantilla) began painting in the streets in 1994. His introduction to stencil came through technical school rather than from street art, where it was presented as an efficient and economic technique for image reproduction and typography.

An artist at the crossroads between artistic practice and political activism, Nazza’s work is an aesthetic realization of his political ideals.

His compositions have focused on issues such as the Argentine Disappeared (the estimated 30,000 disappeared during the last military dictatorship), the Grandmothers and Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (the association of women whose children and grandchildren were disappeared during this same period), and the silent destruction of Argentina’s indigenous cultures and peoples.

Each of his interventions tackles a specific issue, developing it on an artistic level with the aim of inserting it into the public sphere.

Nazza has painted and exhibited his work across Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, as well as in Barcelona, London, Berlin, and Paris.

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