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Agosin Andres a.k.a “Monk”, was born in Viña del Mar, Chile and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s a graphic designer, art director and an artist. He is founder of Göoo, 1:100 and Porco magazines.
He’s a member of a generation of artists who have taken their talents beyond traditional galleries, mixing street art, live interventions, as well as the customization of objects and toys.
Being part of the emerging street art movement in Argentina, his walls and paintings have landed in several cities and publishers of Latin America, Mexico, USA and Europe. Influenced by various artistic expressions such as pop-surrealism (lowbrow), cubism and modern architecture, his works have a strong color imprint and coexistence between geometric and organic, defined and stained shapes, resulting from his experience in fine art and street art.
His work has been recognized by critics and has been published in books and magazines in different countries like Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Spain and England.

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